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I loved photographing Jacie and Brandon’s intimate wedding in a friend’s backyard. The couple kept things simple, but elegant. The only stressful part of the day was the torrential downpour that started aproximately 30 seconds before the ceremony. I am not exaggerating, the backyard…including all the guests got completely soaked! As soon as the rain let up a bit, the couple had a sweet ceremony followed by their reception at the Depot.
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Jacie is so beautiful, getting ready for the day seemed completely effortless. Despite being gorgeous, Brandon told me she is “the most down to earth and amazing woman I have ever met”.
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Jacie told me Brandon “always has the ability to be calm, positive, and always looks on the bright side of things”. I loved how easy going he was about the crazy rain and how geniunely happy he seemed all day.Cheyenne Wedding Photography
Loved this first look, I could not get Jacie to slow down, she was so excited to see Brandon. What a great moment.Northern Colorado Wedding Photographer
Brandon and Jacie exchanged letters just before the ceremony. It was very touching they took the time to read them together. So romantic! Jacie told me prior to the wedding that the most romantic thing Brandon ever did was “on our first Valentine’s day together, he drove 130 miles to come visit me.  I had no idea he was coming, and he took me by complete surprise”.
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Jacie told me that Brandon “is always doing things for me…true gentlemen type stuff” which was evident even during the ceremony when Brandon quickly pulled out an umbrella as soon as it started to drizzle.
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Northern Colorado Wedding Photographer
After everyone got to the warm, dry depot, it was time for a fun, festive spaghetti dinner–family recipe!
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The couple posed for some beautiful portraits when the rain stopped.
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Love Brandon’s response to why he fell in love with Jacie “I couldn’t help it. I like everything about her I wasn’t too excited about the cat at first but It turns out that she has the coolest cat ever!!”.
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After all the rain and gloomy clouds, the sunlight at the end of the night seemed magnificent.

Brandon says Jacie “brings out the best in me and I don’t have to change who I am around her”. I am so happy for this couple!


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