Boulder Mother’s Day Minis | Gift Guide

Mothers truly make the world go round. There is nothing moms can’t do! They spend all year organizing activities, planning birthday parties, taking care of kiddos when they are sick, being supportive to their partners, and putting everyone’s needs ahead of their own.    Mother’s Day is such a special day to say “thank you!” Although I feel like nothing is quite satisfactory enough for all mom’s do, here are some ideas to show gratitude.    A spa day- Plan a spa/ salon/ nail day for your mom! Moms love feeling pampered and might enjoy getting a manicure or a


Top 5 Reasons to Book a Summer Session

It’s hard to believe the school year is coming to an end soon and we can start daydreaming about summer months.  So many families choose to do family photos in the fall. While autumn photos have a special place in my heart, I think summer family sessions are the real hidden gem.    5 Reasons To Book a Summer Session:   Kids are out of school. The school year is hectic enough without trying to squeeze in a family photo session. Take advantage of the summer time when there is less homework, fewer sports and activities, and a more relaxed


Reasons to Have Newborn Session at Home

As a family photographer, one of my favorite aspects is photographing brand new life. It is an absolute honor taking newborn photos. Those sleepy squishy days go by so quickly. It’s amazing watching my clients grow through the years.    I recommend having your newborn session in your home because it is the most comfortable. Let’s chat about why I recommend an in home session versus a studio session for newborns:    You are most comfortable in your own home, physically and mentally. No matter how you got your baby in your arms, it is easiest to do an in-home


Traveling with Children | Flatiron Maternity Session

As spring and summer approach, traveling begins to pick up. There are plenty of family reunions, graduations, showers and weddings to attend.  If you have little ones, it can be a daunting task. But I promise it can be great.  I would love to share some tips to help ease your mind.    Be prepared. Sounds silly, but having ample snacks, toys and entertainment will get you really far. I like having some special snacks and toys that they don’t normally get to enjoy at home because it feels extra special on the plane. Be sure to download any shows,



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