Fall Dresses | Family Photography

It’s hard to believe but fall is right around the corner. It is the busiest time for photographers, and for good reason. The heat is easing up, families are on a more predictable schedule, everyone has their sights on the upcoming holidays, and best of all; summer fades into gorgeous colorful autumn.  Some would argue that fall fashion is the best and I would have to agree. The rich colors, all the textures, layers, jackets, boots. All the cozy comfort. (Writing this makes me want a chai latte.)  Every year there are fun trends, and specific colors and styles that


Tips for Making Family Photos Special

Sometimes a family photo session can sound or feel stressful. I have some tips to make your family pictures a great memory. Of course a lot of planning goes into getting everyone ready for photos, but I think it can actually be a wonderful family memory.    Don’t stress about how your kids are going to behave, leave that in the car. When mom is relaxed and happy everyone tends to be more relaxed too. Kids will be kids and you can’t micromanage how children might act during the session. But when the parents are happy and relaxed, kids tend

Summer Activities for Denver Families

Summer Activities For Denver Families

Temperatures are heating up in Denver and kids are out of school. Hello Summer! What a joyous time of year. But I know it can come with challenges. Young or old, it can be difficult some days to decide what to do with our kiddos while they are out of school.  Here are some Summer Activities For Denver Families for when you’re just not sure what to do! Water: Days in Colorado can heat up quickly! One of my family’s favorite ways to cope with the heat is to cool off in a pool! One of our favorites is Water


Boulder Mother’s Day Minis | Gift Guide

Mothers truly make the world go round. There is nothing moms can’t do! They spend all year organizing activities, planning birthday parties, taking care of kiddos when they are sick, being supportive to their partners, and putting everyone’s needs ahead of their own.    Mother’s Day is such a special day to say “thank you!” Although I feel like nothing is quite satisfactory enough for all mom’s do, here are some ideas to show gratitude.    A spa day- Plan a spa/ salon/ nail day for your mom! Moms love feeling pampered and might enjoy getting a manicure or a



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