Easy Ways to Connect with Older Kids

Even though we are following stay-at-home orders and have family time all the time, I still wonder if I am spending enough quality time with my kids. With online learning, working from home, cleaning up, cooking, Netflix binging and video games…the day can go by in a blur. One-on-one time becomes less frequent as kids get older and more independent. I find our family dynamic is better if I make an effort to spend a little intentional time with each of my kids everyday, even if it’s something quite simple. Here are a few easy ways I have found to


Top 10 Quarantine Photos

This is such an unusual time! I highly recommend you document this period for your family history. Most of my everyday, personal photos are taken from my phone! I don’t worry about perfection in these…I just love capturing the moments of our lives. I upload my favorite memories throughout the year to my personal Instagram account. Once a year, I spend a little time to print a hardcover album as a family scrapbook! If you want to try this, check out Chatbooks, Inkifi, or Social Print Studio. Here are what I consider the Top 10 Quarantine Photos you should be taking during this


Family is the Only Thing

There is a beautiful quote by Michael J Fox that reads, “family is not an important thing, it’s everything”. But in these strange times of quarantine, it seems as if family is the only thing! Being home for almost a month now with my two boys has been both a blessing and a challenge. The abrupt cancellation of school and sports was upsetting initially. But at the same time, we are enjoying a little pause in the busyness of our daily life and doing what we can to keep everyone safe and healthy. We are all starting to miss people


5 Must Take Maternity Photos for Staying Home

If you are pregnant and had to reschedule or cancel your professional maternity session due to Covid-19, don’t miss out on capturing this special time. Here are 5 must take maternity photos that you can do with your own camera or cell phone! If you have a safe and pretty spot in your neighborhood, head out right before sunset. If you prefer to stay inside, turn off your lights and get close to a window mid-day. Have your partner take the photos, bring a sibling or find a creative way to balance your phone and use a self-timer. Have fun



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