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I love how same but different these two photos are–just like my two boys! The first image is from my oldest son’s 11th birthday session, which I posted HERE along with some of my personal experiences of raising a tween boy! The second was last night, a quick photo of my youngest son. He is always my test subject for new locations, usually willingly, but last night I had to pay in a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream chocolate bar, which he devoured before dinner. I also made him pretend the thistle was a flower, but he refused and said it was a Harry Potter wand. I am obviously girl deprived some days!
Both images have the beautiful golden grass of early spring, portrait orientations and simlar colored clothing. The first image was taken at golden hour on a sunny day, with the sun behind my son! The second image was also taken at golden hour, but just as the sun went behind the cloud, so I had him face the direction of the sun. One thing Denver family photographers know is that the sun can be hit or miss this time of year, but thankfully our beautiful scenery makes all seasons look good!
I am sharing these images for a project entitled “To the Moon and Back” in which I join several photographers in sharing a few personal images of our children each month. I noticed my January and February posts were side by side individual portraits, so I decided to keep with the pattern this month.
Make sure to head over to Nikki Matthews’ website and see what her active kids are up to this March!
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