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As a Denver lifestyle photographer, I often get inquiries from new moms who didn’t plan on hiring a newborn photographer, but have a change of heart when baby arrives. Other times, baby or mom have had an extended time in the hospital and miss that short period that many newborn photographers recommend. What happens if you aren’t able to schedule your newborn session when your new baby is under two weeks old? Nothing! Babies change day to day and week to week. Your baby might be more awake, have real smiles and weigh a few more pounds than they did a few weeks after birth, but each little stage is so precious! The beauty of lifestyle photography is that any moment in your life is perfect to capture!

It was so wonderful to meet this family at their home in Denver. Baby A. was 9 weeks old and completely adored by her family! She was already smiling real smiles and making such cute eye contact with the camera. Her parents were in a great routine and her sister was a pro at holding and cuddling her! Check out this beautiful nine week old baby girl and her adoring family!!!

Whether your baby is nine days or nine weeks, there is never a bad time for an in-home family session with your new arrival!

newborn baby denver lifestyle photographer
Denver Lifestyle Photography
Layfayette CO + Boulder Lifestyle Photographer Julie Livermore
Louisville Lifestyle Photographer Julie Livermore
Denver Lifestyle Photographer Julie Livermore
Boulder Lifestyle Photographer Julie Livermore
Boulder Lifestyle Photography by Julie Livermore
Denver Lifestyle Photography
Boulder Lifestyle Photography by Julie Livermore
Denver Lifestyle Photography

The days are long, but the years are short! Don’t miss capturing your baby in the comfort of you home, during the first few weeks! In-home newborn sessions are organic, natural, sweet and comfortable. Just click on the ‘contact’ link in the menu and submit your request or email me directly at Please allow 48 hours for me to respond. You can also follow me on INSTAGRAM for recent work and behind the scenes. To see what families are saying about their experience please read more here.

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Hello, I am Julie. Wife, mom of two boys, photographer, adventurer and coffee lover. I live in Colorado and never run out of places to hike, explore, and play with my family. Some of our most recent adventures include white water rafting, tent camping, and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.