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Downtown Denver Photographer

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It’s no secret that mom and children sessions are my favorite subject to shoot. I know what a treat it is as a mom to be on the other side of the camera. Plus, I think as women we battle insecurities and often times put off being in the frame. I know I always run or hide my face when my kids grab my phone to take a photo. And when it comes to getting our own family photos done, planning my outfit, making sure my hair and make-up is perfect, and hoping I don’t look as tired as I feel takes away all the excitement of the session. Yet, I know we all truly want this special bond to be captured. Not in a generic “cheese” way, but in the way it feels in our hearts. Before our kids are suddenly too big for our laps or don’t want to give us kisses in front of strangers.
I know it’s hard to believe this gorgeous momma wouldn’t absolutely love to be in front of the camera, but when we chatted on the phone, I could tell she was worried too. She made a comment that these photos are really important to her (we were worried about the weather being too cold that day). Rest assured, your photos are really important to me too. I want you to have fun, feel beautiful, and see the love your child has for you when look at your photos everyday. Back to our session, my heart sank when what started out as a beautiful day turned cloudy and cold. We decided just to go for it. Honestly it was cold, the wind was blowing hair like crazy and we left disappointed. But somehow magically we got those special shots. Those ones that she is going to tear up at in a few years. Maybe the weather worked in our favor, just a little extra cuddling when it’s cold outside!
Moms, never feel bad about treating yourself to a special session just for you and your child. I would be honored to photograph your special bond. Email me to discuss details.
Downtown Denver PhotographerDowntown Denver PhotographerCity Park

Julie Livermore Photography specializes in newborn, family, child, maternity, birthday, baby and first year photography in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas including but not limited to Boulder and Broomfield.


Hello, I am Julie. Wife, mom of two boys, photographer, adventurer and coffee lover. I live in Colorado and never run out of places to hike, explore, and play with my family. Some of our most recent adventures include white water rafting, tent camping, and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.