For The Love of Christmas Traditions Fort Collins Family Photographer

This fall has kept me very busy photographing some of the best families in Fort Collins, but I have definitely gotten behind on taking photos of my own family. I am so grateful that I join a lovely group of photographers each month for a personal project to make sure I get some photos each month of my own family. This month, I am sharing just a few of our holiday traditions.
We love decorating our living room for Christmas. We had a nutcracker theme this year, it seems.
Fort Collins Photographer
The boys could probaby live without this tradition, but it is one of my favorites! We take the tripod out on the most freezing day of the year, and take our cheesy Christmas card pics. I definitely recommend leaving family portraits to a pro (even if you are a photographer yourself), but since fall is my busiest time, I always wait too long to have our photos done, and this has now become a tradition.Fort Collins Photographer
Chocolate advent calendars and checking out the decorations around town are always a must!
Holiday Photos Northern Colorado
Christmas books, new and old, are read almost every night before bed! Both of my boys are reading chapter books on their own now, so this is a tradition I am glad we keep!
Holiday Photos Northern Colorado
The boys write to Santa Claus every year and ask how he and Mrs. Claus are doing. They ask for a few gifts too! My youngest was very concerned he might be on the naughty list this year. He got a huge smile when his video letter from Santa said he was on the “nice list”, but immediately burst into tears (of relief?) after. I am not sure if I have the heart to continue this tradition!
Holiday Photos Northern Colorado
Our oldest son and I both love nativity scenes so much, that we have decided to collect them! We don’t set out to buy them, but when one appears that is age appropriate, it always makes it way home. We have a Little People set, a Playmobil set, and this Peanut’s set, that we got for 75% off (we had to glue Linus back together).Fort Collins Photographer
Hope you enjoyed a few of our holiday traditions! See more lovely December photographs in our circle by visiting Jill at Three Winks Photography keep clicking on the links until you arrive back here!


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