For the Love of Downtown Fort Collins and Denver

Each month I am joining six other wonderful photographers to share photos in a blog circle entitled “For The Love”. This is such a fun project to help me keep up with personal photos as the weather warms up (hopefully, it is snowing right now), and my weekends are filled with Spring photo sessions! Last month, I shared for the Love of the Mountains, so I decided this month to share some urban images. Having lived in Colorado for less than a year, our family is really enjoying exploring all the sights! I love all the colors, textures and lines in urban spots! The first few images are in downtown Fort Collins, as I was scouting locations for an upcoming photo session. Then onto a glimpse of our Easter Sunday spent in downtown Denver. Finally a quick family self-portrait as we waited for my birthday brunch in downtown Fort Collins!
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Hello, I am Julie. Wife, mom of two boys, photographer, adventurer and coffee lover. I live in Colorado and never run out of places to hike, explore, and play with my family. Some of our most recent adventures include white water rafting, tent camping, and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.