Happy Sixth Birthday to my Baby Boy

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy! Words can’t describe how much I love being your mom! I have enjoyed you being in school for half the day this year and will miss you so much when you are in first grade. I am glad you are making so many friends–including your birthday twin pictured below. I am glad you still like to cuddle with me. And I delight in the grown-up way you try to explain things using big words. I love how you adore your big brother and want to be his buddy. I could go on and on, but I just want to say I think you are awesome! Love, Mom
The month of May is my baby boy’s birthday month. So for my monthly For the Love Post, I am sharing his birthday images! His sixth birthday is hard for me…he has changed so much from a sweet cuddley five year old to a fast smart six year old. He adores having me drop him off at his friends’ houses, walks into school on his own, and stopped sneaking into bed next to me every night. I am so anxious to see what the rest of the group is sharing for the month of May…check out Jill’s lovely page next!


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