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How to make a Succulent Terrarium

My husband and I are obsessed over HGTV and we recently watched a Fixer Upper marathon. I loved one of Chip and Joanna’s renovations, and ended up on their website for inspiration. I came across this adorable DIY succulent terrarium tutorial. As much as I love the creative aspect of being a Denver family photographer, I am not into crafting. This terrarium however looked like something even I could do. My boys were excited to plant their own succulents too! All the materials were relatively inexpensive and found at home or at our local gardening store. Now we can enjoy a little bit of green until Spring finally arrives to Colorado!
Here is how we made our own cute terrariums!
River rocks or stones
Cactus soil
Activated Charcoal
Spaghnum moss
Glass container with a wide opening
1. Add 2″ of Spaghnum moss to the botton of your glass container.
Denver Family Photographer2. Put down a layer of river rocks or stones to provide drainage.  We used black rocks, but I think lighter colored ones would make a pretty layer!
Denver Family Photographer3. Sprinkle a thin layer of active charcoal to prevent odors.Denver Family Photographer4. Add your cactus mix or whatever potting soil you have on hand.Denver Family Photographer5. Remove your succulent from their container, gently separate the roots and place in the soil.Denver Family Photographer6. Add a little more soil around the succulent and additional moss or river rocks if desired.Denver Family Photographer
Now you have a pretty succulent terrarium! Keep in a sunny spot, but avoid harsh, direct sunlight. Water about once a week, being cautious not to over water, a small amount goes a long way. Enjoy!

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