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How To Print Instagram Photos

I use my Instagram account as a family scrapbook. I always have my cell phone handy for spontaneous snaps and take it places I don’t want to carry my heavy camera.  The quality of the images is not even close to my professional dSLR, but the memories are still important.
The images I take with my professional camera are turned into wall art, placed in a custom designed heirloom album, and made into gift prints for family and friends. My Instagram photos are quickly exported to my desktop by a program called Instaport. I then look them over to quickly delete images that don’t seem important to our family story. Finally, I use Blurb’s BookSmart application to Autoflow the images into a 7×7 in hardcover book. I print nine images to a page so I can fit the entire year into a reasonable size book (and the quality of the images isn’t suitable for very large prints). I even add a little text at the begining of the book to summarize important events from the year.
These annual books give me piece of mind that I will always have these memories even if Instagram becomes obsolete.  They are also a fun way to look back at the adventures we have throughout the year!

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