To The Moon and Back

19/52 I hope all of you amazing moms out there had a Happy Mother’s Day!  My husband surprised me with a Lensbaby with Edge 80 optic which gives a fun, creative tilt shift effect to images.  This lens requires a lot of practice to acheive the focus desired, and it is recommended you practice on still objects such as flowers, landscape, architecture, etc. before you try on people.  Obviously I was up for a challenge, and tested it not only on living things, but running, playing living things.  I decided to share these two images this week (even though I obvsiouly have not mastered this lens), partially because it SNOWED the rest of the weekend in Northern Colorado, and also because this is our real life on Saturdays right now.  Soccer game after soccer game! I am amazed at my sons’ skills, dedication, and enthusiasm for all the sports they play.
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