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The best thing about being a family photographer is the amazing families I get to meet! This trio drove down from Fort Collins to have their first ever family portraits taken. Their son is starting his senior year of high school. So we did a combo of family and senior photos. These ladies are so proud of their son, which was evident the moment they stepped out of the car… wearing his school colors! I can completely relate. My son started high school this week…and is playing football for the school. I quickly acquired blue and gold merchandise to wear to all of the games!
I love photographing high school seniors, whether it be a complete senior session with several outfits or in combo with a family session. And as my kids get older, I envision seniors being a bigger part of my photography world! I really enjoy meeting all these young people as they get ready to head out into the world!
The three things I love most about photographing seniors are:
1. Passion. High school is both the time to try new things and get more in-depth with the sports or activities you love. It’s so fun to chat with seniors about their interests! Whether it’s hustling at football (like my freshman), playing music, creating computer programs or volunteering in the community…I love the energy and dedication seniors have for their passions (on top of a full day of school).
2. Diversity. I have met high school seniors from the smallest rural towns and from the largest schools in Denver. Some are quiet and reserved, others are chatty and silly. Some play sports, others live for music. I love how different and amazing each person is, and it makes me excited for our future!
3. Dream Big. I am sure most of us remember the feeling near graduation that anything was possible. Somewhere along the way we may forget our dreams, but spending time with a high school senior reminds you of all the infinite opportunities out there for us to explore!
Broomfield Senior PhotographerBroomfield Senior PhotographerBroomfield Senior PhotographerBroomfield Senior PhotographerBroomfield Senior PhotographerBroomfield Senior Photographer
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