Traveling with Children | Flatiron Maternity Session

As spring and summer approach, traveling begins to pick up. There are plenty of family reunions, graduations, showers and weddings to attend. 

If you have little ones, it can be a daunting task. But I promise it can be great.  I would love to share some tips to help ease your mind. 


  • Be prepared. Sounds silly, but having ample snacks, toys and entertainment will get you really far. I like having some special snacks and toys that they don’t normally get to enjoy at home because it feels extra special on the plane. Be sure to download any shows, movies, or music to your device before a flight! 
  • Lower expectations. Kids will be kids. Babies will be babies. Don’t expect certain things out of them that you normally wouldn’t. Don’t have unrealistic expectations of them, or yourself. Children can sense when adults are stressed. Try not to sweat small things and don’t expect perfection. Remember that so many people have traveled with children and they are understanding about it. I guarantee if you go with an open mind and low expectations of how things will go, you will have a successful travel day.
  • Life hack: If you can rent a car seat through your rental car at your destination, this will save you the hassle of dragging it to the airport. 


Traveling with young children is a lot of work. But I promise it is worth it. You won’t get back the early years with your kids. They grow up so quickly. Take the trip! Make the memories. 


LCD Writing Tablet


This LCD writing tablet provides endless drawing fun, comes in multiple colors, fits into small backpacks, and looks like a real tablet. 


Snack Spinner

This snack container has entertainment built in. It has a button that spins the container (think fidget spinner) So you get a snack and toy in one! It has multiple compartments for multiple snacks! 




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