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Precious Things

My 8 year old recently inquired, “why is taking pictures so special to you?”. His sweet and insightful question left me momentarily speechless, but eventually I said, “I want memories of my most precious things”. That is why he is one of my very favorite “things” to photograph.
As a Westminster child photographer, I love being able to capture other family’s most precious things. My favorite part of my job is when a client says a photo made them teary. I can only imagine the feeling they will get when they see that photo a decade or two from now. People often struggle with the cost of hiring a photographer or the stress of getting their family ready for photos. These photos however will be the one purchase you never throw away, the first thing you grab in a fire, and something you pull out to look at for the rest of your life. Photographs freeze a small slice of our busy lives and preserve a memory of our most precious “things” that we will treasure for all time.
Make sure to see my most recent work here!
Westminster Child PhotographerWestminster Child PhotographerWestminster Child PhotographerWestminster Child PhotographerWestminster Child Photographer

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Hello, I am Julie. Wife, mom of two boys, photographer, adventurer and coffee lover. I live in Colorado and never run out of places to hike, explore, and play with my family. Some of our most recent adventures include white water rafting, tent camping, and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.