For the Love of the Mountains Fort Collins CO Photographer

This month starts the begining of a new project, entitled “For the Love”. I have joined six wonderful photographers to share photos monthly in a blog circle. These photos are to be more personal, and of something that defines love. To start of this project, I have chosen For the Love of the Mountains. One of our family’s favorite things to do sunshine or snow is to drive up to the mountains and spend the day hiking, talking, and enjoying beautiful scenery. Having just recently relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado, this was our first trip to Estes Park at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a chilly, windy day, so we didn’t do anything other than explore, play near the half frozen river, and enjoy a delicious lunch. All of these photos were taken at midday with two most uncooperative subjects, true lifestyle photography. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has shared, please continue by visiting Jill of Three Winks Photography and then continue through the circle until you once again reach my page.
Rocky Mountain Colorado
Images of Estes Park
images of estes park
Rocky Mountain National Park photographer
lunch at Estes Park
estes park photographer
estes park portraits
Estes Park


Hello, I am Julie. Wife, mom of two boys, photographer, adventurer and coffee lover. I live in Colorado and never run out of places to hike, explore, and play with my family. Some of our most recent adventures include white water rafting, tent camping, and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.