Favorite Fall Activities Guest Blogger Megan Ho

Megan Ho of Megan Ho Photography, is a maternity, newborn, child and family photographer located in southern New Hampshire. She is a mom to two beautiful kids and knows first hand how quickly life flies by.

Megan was generous enough to share with my Denver readers how to make some fun family memories with your children this fall! Thank you Megan for sharing your favorite fall activities!

Read on…Favorite Fall Activities Guest Blogger Megan Ho www.julielivermorephotography.comThe reason that I have always loved photography, is the ability to freeze moments of time. This has become more and more important to me as we have added our kids to our family and we have watched them grow up way too quickly. While I love having traditional family photos each year, some of my favorites of my family are candid photographs from our family excursions.

When my husband and I both have days off and our oldest is out of preschool, we try and plan fun family outings together. We’ve found that getting out of the house and away from the distractions of everyday life (facebook, screen time, chores) can lead to some of the best family time. I also make sure to always bring my camera and capture a few moments together but it’s also important to not get too caught up in only preserving memories but actually living them as well. While my son has stated he also wants to “take photos of people” when he gets older, I want to show him a balance of being behind the camera and engaged in what we are doing.
We work hard to try and find new and fun things to do together. It’s even sweeter if they are free and occur outside in nature. Here are some of our favorite fall activities that we do each and every year.

We go hiking.

Favorite Fall Activities Guest Blogger Megan Ho www.julielivermorephotography.com Living in New England, we are definitely lucky. We have unlimited, beautiful hiking trails all over our state and the surrounding areas. So far, we have been sticking to smaller kid friendly hikes close to home, as my daughter is only 21 months and can join us for shorter walks. In a few years, I hope to take them on longer and bigger hikes.

We go to the beach. Denver Photographer

We are so lucky to live a short drive from the beach and go quite often over the summer. It’s always such a big event getting everything ready and spending the day at the beach missing naps and lugging so much stuff with us. Each time we get home and talk about the day we had, we realize how special those days really are and immediately start planning our next beach day.

We go apple/pumpkin picking and to sunflower fields.Denver Photographer

Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love to get out and pick our food. My kids have learned so much from picking apples, blueberries and strawberries versus just grabbing them at the grocery store. Watching the bees fly around the sunflowers, birds peck at old or decaying fruit has all led to amazing conversations. The small details that we adults glaze by are often the most important to little kids. It’s wonderful to see the excitement through their eyes.

We go to the local farms.

My kids love animals and what better thing to do than to go see them at the farm. We can talk about how they live, where our food comes from and how animals are treated. They usually have some to pet or feed and most of the farms around us have something special like ice cream on site or a sand pit with diggers to play with. In the fall, a lot of farms also have a corn maze which is really fun for the kids as well as adults.
Life can get so hectic so fast, if you are in need of family time to reconnect, I highly suggest taking an afternoon and getting out of the house all together. Fresh air and light conversation does wonders for relationships. If you happen to bring a camera along, you will probably end up with a few photos that you can cherish for a lifetime. I know I do!
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