What to Wear Spring 2024 | Boys

Spring is all about warmth, natural textures, and subtle patterns!  From indoor studio sessions with neutral decor to outdoor settings with jaw-dropping moutain backdrops, this guide will have your son looking handsome and ready for a new season!

The big trends for Spring 2024 are muted tones, light stripes, and organic-looking fabrics.

  1. Pick clothes that will look timeless throughout the years. Look for subtle-toned colors such as mushroom, olive, plum, or dusty blue. Pass on bright blues and neon colors that compete with Colorado skies and mountains.
  2. Ditch the stuffy button ups for baby boys! Look for overalls and easy wear outfits that won’t bunch up awkwardly in parents’ arms.
  3. Subtle stripes are such a great option for boys. Consider tops with stripes in the same tones. This can add interest and pull together outfits in a photos.
  4. Texture and layers add interest! Consider shoes with whites and browns, sweaters over shirts, and vests that create dimension.

knit sweater muted tone

This plum sweater is the perfect muted neutral for spring. Or check out this neutral sweater that has great texture!

linen overalls

I can’t handle the cuteness of this outfit! Lots of muted color options for this baby option too!

boys shoes

Let’s go! The perfect shoe to tie in all those neutrals!

summer stripes

Yup, those summer stripes are in style! Also check out this neutral striped top for older boys!

You can see more ideas of what to wear for the entire family from my Amazon Storefront! You will also get access to my intereactive Styling Guide when you schedule a session this spring!



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